Jan 31st. 2019 / wedding

Wedding at Römerhof Bornheim in Bonn Germany Hi dear friends here I present you the preview to this amazing wedding at Römerhof Bornheim in Bonn Germany. This wedding was a truly memorable occasion, not only for them but for me as well. Was actually my first african-german wedding. My first meeting with them was during a skype call and I remember that I could hardly wait to meet them in person. That happened a month before the wedding when we spent an adventurous evening at Schloss Drachenburg. I will tell you about it in the next post when I will show you the amazing engagement photos we have done! Another funny memory about this wedding is that, after a few months I was visited by the police at home. No, I didn’t harmed anyone, just failed to complete a form police sent me about a speeding ticket. Normally, when someone […]

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Dec 30th. 2018 / wedding
Die besten Hochzeitsfotos 2018   Hello dear friends as you all already wait for it, at the beginning of the new year , I present you my best photos from the last year. Last year was an interesting year, lots of weddings, lots of travel, won contest, new clients and new friends. I have started to photograph pre wedding photo shootings, a very interesting niche that I am willing to expand next year.  It is so cool that no matter the weather your clients listen and do what you say, even when it’s pouring like hell and the wind is freezing cold! I have taken part in almost all the international wedding photography contests where thousands of wedding photographers join, and I won prizes. I have won 2nd place at ISPWP, 3rd place at WPSelect  in United Kindom, and two FearlessPhotographers prizes. By the way, do you follow me on [...]

Oct 19th. 2018 / wedding blog

Pre wedding photo shoot in Bruges, Belgium Hello dear friends, here we meet again on my Blog, this time with a small preview from a Pre wedding photo shoot in Bruges, Belgium. I remember how they wanted first to have this pre wedding photo shoot in Paris. Wow, Paris must be the dream of every wedding photographer. The city of love offer so many amazing opportunities for wedding photography! But this looks nice for an inexperienced photographer. For me, Paris, except its beauty, offers just tourists.. many tourists, almost infinite tourists! Of course every couple want to be photographed at Eifel Tower, at Notre Damme de Paris, on the bridges crossing Seine, at Sacre Coeur. Guess what? These are always the most crowded places in Paris! A long expected pre wedding photo shoot in Paris can turn out in a nightmare. Except when you do one little but important thing. […]

Aug 16th. 2018 /

Destination wedding at Bodensee in Wasserburg am Bodensee Hello dear friends here you have a new destination wedding at Bodensee in Wasserburg am Bodensee. This wedding was two days long, almost three. The first day was the civil marriage and a short party on a ship on the lake followed by a trip in Austria at Bregenz. The second day was the wedding at the Hotel Grier in Wasserburg am Bodensee and  the second day in the morning we had a small photo session in Lindau. Day 1 –  Civil marriage in Wasserburg am Bodensee and trip to Mount Pfänder in Bregenz Austria I woke up very early to be in time for the civil marriage and luckily the traffic was ok I even arrived a bit early. Yes it was a summer day but in Germany, especially at Bodensee the weather change very fast. So yes, it rained a […]

Mar 15th. 2018 / wedding blog

Pre wedding in Prague in a rainy November day Hello dear friends, here we meet again on my blog with this “Pre wedding in Prague in a rainy November day”. I have spoken with them for a couple of months and prepared all the details, for example they wanted to rent a wedding dress from here, but after a small research I have found out that was more convenient to buy a wedding  dress from Taiwan and send it here through post. So she brought three dresses! The next step was to find a Hair and makeup artist in Prague. After all was set we had a skype meeting where we decided together for the places we want to photograph. But, in all our plans we didn’t thought that much about the weather! The weather forecast looked good anyway. This was also not the first time for me in Prague […]

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Feb 26th. 2018 / Story

Wedding in Brühl and photo shoot in Schloss Augustusburg Hello dear friends, here we meet again this time with this wedding in Brühl and photo shoot in Schloss Augustusburg. I was a bit off line in the last time, spending time with my family and retouching photos.  But now I’m back and will try be more active on my website with a lot of new weddings. But let’s get back to our wedding,  it was a foggy autumn morning,  when we met. Ah I was almost forget we met the first time back in August when we had an amazing engagement photo shooting in Fulda – I will present you that later, it is ready I have just to publish it. I remember that it was wet and foggy that morning and nothing did announce the strong sun we had later.  Yes, the sun appeared right in the middle of […]

Sep 25th. 2017 / wedding blog

I was almost ready to give up this weekly preview blog post. Why? Let’s say I’m a bit behind the schedule with the photos. September was quite busy for me and I hardly find time to post. With 6 hours sleep every night I might turn into a zombie quick. But the vacation will come soon. Anyway let’s bet back to this Amazing Circus Wedding in Villa Bonn in Frankfurt am Main. The couple  is  in love with circus and they wanted to make a circus themed wedding. Before the wedding they dreamed to a photo session in a circus and we have done something pretty nice – I will show it somewhere in December. After the getting ready we drove till the church, a wonderful big church but unfortunately pretty dark.  Luckily, I have some photographic gear that allows me to capture images even in such dark churches. Let’s […]

Sep 14th. 2017 /

Hello dear friends now I feel like I am back taking care of my website with my weekly posting. This time with this Wedding in Baden Baden Germany. Isn’t that nice for you t stay every week updated with my latest work? Might be, but bear in mind that I work sometimes till late in the night and wake up very early to take the children to the school. Lets get back to our Wedding in Baden Baden Germany. I arrived  first a day before  because the wedding day would start early in the morning and I didn’t want to have some trouble on the highway. I’ve met with them a month before the wedding and made an amazing engagement photo shoot you will see probably in November on my blog. Why in November, because until then I have no time to retouch the photos because of the busy wedding […]

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Sep 4th. 2017 / wedding blog

Wedding in Golfhotel Lindenhof Bad Vilbel Germany Hello dear friends so I am now back in business updating my blog weekly. At least I will try to do that. Today we are traveling just around the corner near Frankfurt for this Wedding in Golfhotel Lindenhof Bad Vilbel Germany. I met them for the first time last year when we shoot a wonderful engagement shooting in the September warm light. I knew it from then that this will be an amazing wedding and so it was. They have Italian and polish roots so I knew they know how to party. There was something special at this wedding, it was the longest veil I have ever seen in my life! The bride and her bridesmaids prepared a surprise for the mother of the bride. When they arrived to the parents house, they exchanged the veil with the veil her mother has worn […]

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Aug 29th. 2017 / wedding blog

Hello, I bet you missed me but here I come with this colorful turkish wedding in Karlsruhe Germany. I have an excuse for this long pause: vacation! But you may ask, how come, in the middle of wedding season? Yes, sure I have kids. So I tried to program my weddings outside the scholars vacation. Of course I couldn’t completely and I slipped one, this one, in the first week of vacation. You don’t want to know what my ears heard from my family when we planned our vacation and found out about this wedding. Anyway we decided to drive the whole gang to Karlsruhe, leave my family to the hotel and right after the wedding to drive in vacation. Bride getting ready Anyway let’s get back to the wedding, which was my first Turkish wedding in Karlsruhe,  Germany. I was a bit nervous because german weddings are a bit […]

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