Wedding at the Castle Kronberg

A short presentation of the Schlosshotel Kronberg

A wedding at the  Schlosshotel Kronberg is everything a bride could ever wish for. Schlosshotel Kronberg is situated in Taunus right near Frankfurt. From Schlosshotel Kronberg to Frankfurt Airport or Frankfurt city center you will need just a couple of minutes drive, 30 to be more exact.

There are a lot of possibilities to celebrate  the wedding in Schlosshotel Kronberg. For civil weddings there is the amazing library of the Empress. The space is large enough also for big wedding groups. If you wish to celebrate outside, the huge garden is the perfect place for your Outdoor ceremony (Freie Trauung). Actually they have a special place for this Open air Ceremony and it’s called the Grotto of the Empress!

This was not our case here, because a wedding in winter can be held only inside. We are not eskimos. After the ceremony you can celebrate your big day in style, choosing between : Green, Blue or the Red Saloon, depending on the number of guests. Of course big wedding should choose the Green Saloon who can accommodate up to 130 guests!

Did I mention about the amazing gothic architecture of the castle? As long as you see it, from the entrance you can feel that this place is magic. Every bride would feel here like a real princes, celebrating her royal wedding. Actually the place, behind the cold stone walls, is a real celebration of love.

In the honor of memory of Prince Friedrich

It was built in the honor of memory of Prince Friedrich on the instruction of Princess Victoria. The castle is full of evidences of the love princess had for her prince. After the prince death she changed her name from Victoria into Kaiserin Friedrich. Did you knew that the earlier name of the Schlosshotel kronberg was.. Guess it! Well if you still don’t have a clue I will tell you: it’s Friedrichschloss.

One of the top wedding venues in the Rhein Main Gebiet, Schloss Kronberg has also a big 18 Hole Golf Park.So if you are a golf lover and you are getting married, here is the right place for you!

They have also their own wedding planner who can help the couple to well organize their wedding. I can only recommend hire her!

Hochzeit im Schlosshotel Kronberg

Now let’s get back to our Hochzeit  im Schlosshotel Kronberg.f it’s a hot summer wedding or a cold winter wedding i don’t care that much. I can photograph in every conditions and  can shoot amazing photos even in a rainy autumn wedding! But what stress me the most on w winter wedding, is what to wear. I move a lot and I get warm very fast. But I also go outside a lot and there I have to be protected.

In summer is easy. I take two more shirts with me in case I get sweaty and that’s it. In winter the problem is should I take the ski jacket or not? The answer is of course not! I really don’t have time to get the jacket on and off so many times as I go outside and inside. So I took my lightest wind jacket. It was the best decision, even with this on I was feeling myself too warm in the church so I took it off. And in  the church was not warm at all!

Bride Getting ready im Schlosshotel Kronberg

The moment you step inside the castle you are welcomed by the impressive paintings and furniture pieces. Not to mention the huge stairs decorated with wooden fantastic animals. Everything is on superlative.  The huge suite was amazing decorated.

I have read that on the new suites, the castle owners, The Landgraves of Hessen,  decided to work closely together  a world renowned interior designer , the british Nina Campbell. She did an amazing job, the warm colors, classic furniture and luxury fabrics are perfectly integrated in the overall look of the castle.

While the bride is at hair and makeup I photograph the wedding dress, the wedding shoes and the earrings. Her brother helped her with the dress, earrings and the shoes. With us, beside the bride brother was his husband, the brides mother  and a few aunts, uncles and cousins. They were having so much fun at the bride getting ready!

But time, on a wedding day, flies so quickly! They soon had to  get in their taxis to be right in time for the Church ceremony in Stadkirche St. Johann in Kronnberg

Wedding at the Castle Kronberg - Bride Getting Ready

Wedding at the Castle Kronberg, bride getting ready

Wedding at the Castle Kronberg - Bride Getting Ready

Wedding at the Castle Kronberg - Bride Getting Ready

Wedding at the Castle Kronberg - Bride Getting Ready

Groom getting ready im Kronberg Taunus

The groom got ready not in the Schlosshotel kronberg but in the small city of Kornberg in Taunus at his home. He had his best friends with him and also his family. They had a lot of fun, drank champagne, played the guitar and laughed.

Church ceremony in the St. Johann Church in Kronberg

The time has come for the church ceremony. They chose the St Johan church im Kronberg. It’s an evangelical church situated right in the middle of Kronberg just 5 minutes drive from the Schlosshotel. The Hotelstaff are so kind that they gave the bride an amazing 7te Serie M BMW as a bride car along with a dressed in red driver. We arrived a bit earlier to the St Johan church. Even if the church is an evangelic church, the ceremony is catholic, at least the first part.

The second part of the ceremony is Orthodox, the bride invited the family priest, to hold the church wedding ceremony. The same priest had baptized her and her brother! I am quite familiar with orthodox ceremonies, but this was quick and in Armenian language. I didn’t understand a thing but, I didn’t had to. Their emotions say it all. The orthodox priest wear a red and lack mantle , held a cross and a staff in his hand. He was right out from a Harry Potter movie! After the ceremony we drove back to the Schlosshotel Kronberg.

Bride and  groom photo shoot at the Schlosshotel Kronberg

The Schlosshotel Kronberg  is indeed perfect for a wedding. It has it all. So for a photo shooting there are so many opportunities. Of course, the  most beautiful is from the outside, in its green gardens or on the Golf course with the castle in the backround. But, because it was winter it was quite unconfortable to photograph outside. I have already talked with my bride and groom before the wedding about our Brautpaarshooting im Schlosshotel Kronberg.

We decide to go outside just for a few minutes in case of sun and the rest of the photo shooting should be done inside. I always think that the couple have to feel conforatble on their wedding day. It’s a wedding, not a photo shoot! That’s why I am always very quick and efficient. We started on the big stairs, snapped two photos on the hallway and went outside. Unfortunately there was no sun, just grey clouds. Luckily I carry my personal sun with me so this wasn’t a problem anymore.

The Vision

But. In the morning,  from the first moment I stepped right out from my car and saw the castle, I had a vision. No kidding. I walked about 50m back and saw the castle in all it’s splendor. I have imagined my couple, in dark, but not complete darkness. It has to be the blue hour. The sky is dark blue and the castle, with it’s lights on its orange.

I have talked with  my couple about it and they were in! Even though it was cold outside they also felt that this would be an amazing photo. So the bride liked the idea so much that every hour she reminded me about it! At the right time I went outside to check the sky and the lights. Unfortunately the castle hadn’t any strong architectural lights to light also the towers. But nevertheless it was ok. So my idea was to make a unique wedding photo that wasn’t done before by any other wedding photographer at Schlosshotel Kronberg.  What do you think? Have I succeded?

Wedding at the Castle Kronberg - Bride on the stairs

Wedding at the Castle Kronberg - bride and groom photo shoot

Wedding at the Castle Kronberg bride and groom photoshoot

Wedding at the Castle Kronberg

Champagne in the Library of the Schlosshotels Kronberg

The Bibliothek im Schlosshotel Kronberg is the perfect place for the wedding Sektempfang . After the Grooms mother speech They all started to talk to each other and have fun. There was one guy hired to make  their portraits from profile with cut black paper. It was an interesting idea as a gift from the wedding and I have to say that the guy knew what he was doing. Very well done!

Dinner and dancing im the green Saloon at the Schlosshotel Kronberg

The green Saloon in Schlosshotel Kronbeg is the biggest ballroom in the castle. It can accommodate up to 130 persons. But then there I not enough room left for dancing. Luckily by our wedding there was only about 60 persons so it was enough place. The ballroom is stunning, with all the chandeliers, mirrors and paintings on the walls. The speeches were so personal and emotional, that I felt that I already knew them and I am part of their family. I even shared a tear with them. I have never felt the same at any wedding until now.

Am I getting old or were they different? After the dinner was served, the cake came. Unfortunately they brought the cake too early and the bride wasn’t there! Never mind, she came quick, they had another round of emotional speeches and the hotel staff brought one more time fireworks for the cake. After that the dancing party in Hotel Kronberg could start! They had a live band that played until midnight, they danced a lot! At one moment, the groom, had sang along with the band a song. He was quite good with his voice and his electric guitar! He rocked the party!

So that’s it with this wedding in Schlosshotel Kronberg , I think I wrote once again too much. By the way, is anybody reading my text, should I go on or should I just post the photos and that’s it? Give me a little feedback please in the comment section. Take care!

Hochzeit im Schlosshotel Kronberg - Das Grüne Salon

Wedding at the Castle Kronberg

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