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Engagement photography before wedding day

Why is an engagement photoshoot important


You, the bride and groom are preparing for your big day. You search on the internet, ask your already married friends or your parents how can you plan perfectly your wedding. I am sure you find a lot of new, unknown terms regarding your wedding day. As a wedding photographer  in Frankfurt I am here to explain you the terms regarding photography.

All the wedding couples who book me for at least 7 hours on their wedding day, get an engagement photoshoot in Frankfurt am Main inclusive in the wedding package. I know that for other wedding photographers this kind of photo shoot cost extra. But for me, as a one of the best wedding photographers who wants that on the wedding day to have the best photos he can deliver, the engagement photo session is a must.

What is an engagement photoshoot?

An engagement photoshoot  is a photo shoot made before the wedding with the wedding couple. Usually is made on the first in person meeting with the wedding photographer. It is composed from two parts.

The first part is the meeting in person with the photographer, drinking a coffee or a tee (can be also alcohol, I don’t mind) and talking about the wedding. I usually like to get in depth detail on wedding day, share tips and tricks with the wedding couples.

The second part is when the couple have their first professional photo shoot before the wedding, the so called engagement photo shooting.

Why should a couple do a engagement photoshoot with their wedding photographer?

On most of the cases the wedding couple are not professional models. That’s why some of them are not used to stay in front of the camera and most of them freeze when they see a photographer  around them.  And you, the wedding photographer wouldn’t want that to happen on the wedding day, right? In order to get the most out of the wedding day, the couple must be relaxed in front of the camera. They have to trust and feel comfortable with the photographer hanging around them the whole day. Their special day.

For this to happen it is important that the bride and groom should meet the wedding photographer before the wedding day.

Some other photographers don’t realize and miss the opportunity to get closer to their clients on this meeting. They talk only about the wedding day. If the couple wants a photo shoot before the wedding this would cost extra.

It’s a pity they don’t realize that the engagement photo shoot is a win-win situation for the wedding couple and also for the wedding photographer.

How an engagement photoshoot in Frankfurt am Main takes place

After all the talk about the wedding couple and the  wedding day is done, it’s time for the real action. Here is the point when almost all the couple freeze and don’t know what to do. Well, this is the reason this photo shooting before the wedding day is all about!  Neither the photographer, nor the couple  don’t want this to happen on wedding day. If you want amazing and relaxed photos on your wedding day, a photo shoot before the wedding is a must!

After the freeze moment when the couple don’t know what and how to do, I approach them and try to relax the situation with a joke. After that I tell them to forget about me and just to think at themselves being alone. I go then a few meters back with my long lens and wait to see what happens. If they are natural and forget about tension I shoot a couple of photos. After that (it’s a must)I show them the result for the couple to gain trust in themselves. After the first steps I explain them a few posing tricks what to do and not to do at a photoshoot.

Sometimes, on wedding days when I am pleasant surprised by the natural look of the couple I smile and think about our kennenlern-shootings. All work was worth it!

Locations for the engagement photo shoot

This is not that hard to choose. It can be literally everywhere you like. You may choose a location close to your heart and full of memories or just a new and beautiful place. It can be a park, a city center, a stadium, Italy, New York or even your home!

The best time of the day for the photo shoot

The best time for an engagement shooting is in the afternoon. Then the light is soft enough and we can get beautiful portraits of you two.

What to wear at the engagement photo session

Even though some would think clothes are not important, for a successful  photo shooting, they are. Clothes are an important detail on a couple photo shoot . Clothes  have to match the location. And the couple has to match clothes. For example if you go in a forest for a photos hoot you don’t wear elegant black clothes. Or if you would like a photo shoot in an old city center you don’t wear shorts and t-shirt.

There are different clothes suitable for different  locations.

But if you really don’t know what to wear, just google “smart casual” and you will find the  clothes who is ok for almost every location.

Please keep in mind that a red/orange/yellow dress  stands out more than a grey/black one, especially in a park or a grey stone castle. Not forget to match styles. If you are wearing a red skirt, a red scarf on your partner neck will look amazing.

Are you curious about it? Let’s get in touch, and experience an engagement photoshoot in Frankfurt am Main before your wedding day!

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