Wedding photographer in Germany, Ciprian Biclineru

Hello. My name is Ciprian and I am a wedding photographer in Germany.

As far as I remember, I was in touch with “art” since I was just a little boy (my oldest memory is my dad teaching me how to draw a donkey and me, looking amazed to that beautiful drawing and trying to do more than just some lines – I was only three).

In school, all my colleagues were asking me to draw their biology drawings (believe it or not we were supposed to draw in biology classes ). But nothing too serious, the same with my dad’ s camera. Of course when choosing a University I chose Law University. But wait, no I am no lawyer, even though I have a Law degree, I am a wedding photographer in Frankfurt!

How could that happen? Of course is because of a woman! A woman I met, fell in love and married.She saw “that” in me and said: you have something, you must go to art school. And here I was, on my 27’s with high school and younger kids for more than 4 years learning about light, drawing and photography. Was one of the best experiences in my life combined with my job as graphic designer in a company in the middle of Transylvania.

How I became a wedding photographer


Ok, ok but how about wedding photography? In 2008 we got married and guess what? We were looking for a wedding photographer. Finally we met the right guy, even though it was bloody expensive, we were thrilled with his photos! When I saw our wedding photos it just came to me: this is what I want to do from now on! The feeling to capture something unique that will stand forever for somebody is amazing. It is not only about taking pictures, it’s about capturing moments and creating art. I have found my way, my passion. Photography is my life and yes, sometimes I do tear up at weddings.

My style is photojournalistic (of course) combined with fashion. Over the last years I have learned from one of the best Photographers in the world, Yervant, Jim Garner, Cm Leung, Keda Z just to name a few.

One of my greatest success in photography is being published by National Geographics Traveler with some of my photos of Transylvania.

Other success is my Transylvania fortified churches photo collection published in a 200 pages book.

Wedding photography awards

At the beginning of 2014 I won the title “Photographer of the year 2013 in Romania” . I won almost all the categories in the contest judged by an international jury (Emin Kuliyev, Franck Boutonnet, Gennadiy Granin & Galina Nabatnikova, Nikos Pekridis and Ron Antonelli).

In 2016 i have another succes. I am named by one of the most famous wedding photographers association in the world, ISPWP, best wedding photographer in Germany. In the same year I am among 100 best photographers in the world!

In 2019 I am named once again one of the 100 best wedding photographers in the world, by the same ISPWP – International Society of Wedding Photographers.

I am also an award winning Fearless wedding photographer. Until now I have won 4 Awards. These awards are known as the Oscars for wedding photographes.

For about 6 years I live in Germany, in Hessen area, where I shoot (photographically speaking) weddings, families, mothers and babies. I am available for weddings in  Germany or all over Europe and further. Now you know a bit about me, why don’t you tell me about your wedding?

The wedding photographer in Germany, Ciprian Biclineru at work:

Published in National Geographic Traveler

Nice to hear from you!