Trash the Dress in Prague

Hello dear friends, here I “bother” you again with my second preview from the amazing after wedding photo shoot I have made in Prague. Last time I have told you how we managed to get rid of the crowd and succeeded to have out photo-shoot without lots of tourists around us. I assume you remember that we went very early to the city center for the photo-shoot and I recommend any couple that wants to have a wedding photo session in a tourist town to better get up very early. Not only for the photos but also for enjoying the wonderful light spread by the sunrise. Of course that around 10 o’clock the city began to fill up so we headed to the hotel to have our breakfast and … sleep. Then, in the evening we went again on the streets and this time we decided to go to the citadel located on the hill. From the bridge the citadel looks quite impressive but when we have arrived there I was somehow disappointed. It is not that spectacular as I’ve expected except the church which was really superb. We shot a couple of pictures in the inner yard and wanted to go inside but it was too late for the visit. We have decided to wait for the evening, to try to get a photo with the city panorama. After some photos on the bridge in the evening we went back to our car. We have arrived at the hotel dead tired. But we still had some interesting ideas. The next morning we have decided to wake up one hour earlier … at 5 … to get the sunrise light. But an unpleasant surprise was waiting for us next morning: the sky was covered with clouds. What else could we do, except continue our photo session even without the long-awaited sunlight? We even drove back to the citadel to take some photos inside the wonderful church. I will tell you another story about this next time. Until then I let you enjoy the photos.

Your wedding photographer, Ciprian Biclineru

A romantic after wedding photo shoot in Prague

romantic after wedding photo shoot in Prague

After Wedding Shooting im Prag