Turkish Wedding in Karlsruhe Germany

Hello, I bet you missed me but here I come with this colorful turkish wedding in Karlsruhe Germany. I have an excuse for this long pause: vacation! But you may ask, how come, in the middle of wedding season? Yes, sure I have kids. So I tried to program my weddings outside the scholars vacation. Of course I couldn’t completely and I slipped one, this one, in the first week of vacation. You don’t want to know what my ears heard from my family when we planned our vacation and found out about this wedding. Anyway we decided to drive the whole gang to Karlsruhe, leave my family to the hotel and right after the wedding to drive in vacation.

Bride getting ready

Anyway let’s get back to the wedding, which was my first Turkish wedding in Karlsruhe,  Germany. I was a bit nervous because german weddings are a bit different fom a turkish wedding so I asked the couple a lot of questions so I won’t  have any surprises. I started as I always start with the groom getting ready and here I have a funny story. As you all know I like to move pieces of furniture through the room to make more space for the photos. Here there was a big table in the living room and the groom’s friends helped me move it to the other side of the room. I shot a few photos there and then I decided to go to the bedroom for a couple of photos there.

When I came back to take more photos in the living room, the table was again at its place. And it was really heavy. I asked again the guys to help me with it, laughing. In the mean time the bride rang telling us that she is ready and waiting for me. The guys then warned her “as a joke” that she should be careful with me cause I move  things through the house. They all laughed and guess what was the first thing I did when I arrived at the bride place? You are right: I moved the table from the middle of the living room.

I will let you now enjoy the first preview from this turkish wedding in Karlsruhe Germany and I hope I will post more often the following weeks.

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