Pre wedding in Germany

Hello dear friends. Here we meet again this time after a short break due to my holiday. I am gladly presenting you today a pre-wedding photo session in Germany.

It was quite a challenge to do this photo session. At the beginning we wanted to do this in just one day. But when I found out that the couple wanted to use multiple locations I realized that we won’t be able to cover all the locations in just one day. So we decided to split the session in two days.

The first day we decided to go to Cologne, a place very close to their hearts. They have their own lock on the Hohenzollern Bridge! Although Cologne looks beautiful in pictures, I realized that it is very hard to photograph there especially in the Dom Square. Why? Because it’s so crowded and the Dom is so tall so that it’s hard to make a decent composition involving persons. But quickly I figured out how to use the spaces. The funny thing was that around sunset time a lot of people were waiting for the Dom lights to be turned on. Fortunately we found ourselves a good spot!

The second day we choose a wonderful castle, Schoenburg located near the Rhein River. Even though the weather forecast didn’t look too good for that day we had luck. It rained a bit in the evening just in time for some wonderful photos! The special thing about the first part of the photo session was that that they wore medieval costumes. The groom wore a real 15 kg armor! Good for him that he served in the army so he was used with heavy protection costumes. We took a walk around the castle searched for the best spots, shot our pictures and we were ready for the next location, Bacharach. Luckily this was just around the corner. We arrived there in the evening so you will see more evening/night photos from there.

Ok, that’s’ it with today’s preview, stay tuned because I have a tone of photos from this wonderful prewedding!

Pre wedding in Germany – Castle Oberwesel

Brautpaarshooting vor der Hochzeit in Bacharach