Engagement photoshoot in Palmengarten, Frankfurt am Main

The best place for wedding photography in autumn is Palmengarten Frankfurt

Hi, here we meet again on my blog with this amazing autumn engagement photoshoot in Palmengarten in Frankfurt am Main.

Frankfurt am Main offers so many amazing opportunities for a engagement photo shoot.  The wedding photographers can go directly in the city center in the old city, more exactly in Römer. The only problem here is that Römer can be all of the time overcrowded with tourists. This way photo shootings there can be a little hectic.

There are also wonderful photographic opportunities on the main river shore where you can capture the amazing Frankfurt Skyline. I just love the Frankfurt skyline! It’s one of the Frankfurt landmarks and my favorite time for shooting there is in the evening.

The blue hour is my favorite when the sky is dark blue and the street light just turn on warming the scene with their orange light. But this opportunity last for just around 20 minutes until the sky goes fully black. SO the photographers must act quickly.

But in autumn, the best place for wedding photography is Palmengarten Frankfurt. Even though Frankfurt has one of the most beautiful architectural pieces in the whole Germany (old and new) no piece of human made thing can beat mother nature and its colors!

Before meeting with my couple in the Palmengarten Frankfurt I checked the weather the whole week to be sure we have the best photographic conditions. Everything was perfect!

Engagement photoshoot in Palmengarten, Frankfurt am Main

Engagement photoshoot in Palmengarten, Frankfurt am Main

Engagement photoshoot in Palmengarten, Frankfurt am Main

All the wedding couples want to have photos in Palmenhaus

From the first moment we entered the Park, the richens of colors blew us away! Autumn is indeed my favorite season for photography! Just for photography, because I can’t stand rain, wind and cold. But for photography I could trade any time a hot summer day for a soft and colorful autumn day. Even though I know quite well the Garten, every time I find something new to impress me. Untill now I’ve shot a lot in the Palmenhaus with my couples. All the couple, when they hear that we will shoot in the Palmengarten they   ask to go in the Palmenhaus. They all love this exotic place, where an experienced wedding photographer can create real art pieces. Remember these one of a kind wedding photos in Palmengarten Frankfurt?

Engagement photoshoot in Palmengarten, Frankfurt am Main

Engagement photoshoot in Palmengarten, Frankfurt am Main

Engagement photoshoot in Palmengarten, Frankfurt am Main

What makes the perfect photo?

Let’s get back to our photoshoot. Sometimes, for the portrait photographers is much easier to photograph. You may ask why? Well, that’s because they work  most of the time with professional models or hobby models, but both of them know how to pose. Posing , from my point of view is the next important thing in photography besides Light. The next one should be location and framing. When all 4 meet together in the same photo you have the perfect photo.

Some of you might say that art is subjective (I have a photographer friend who I always argue with regarding framing – he doesn’t think that this is so important) but, these  are visual rules, inspired from nature. Yes the rules are meant to be broken but not these rules. The only time when me, as a wedding photographerI break these rules is when the Moment appears. What moment? The tears from the bride on her wedding day, something going wrong at the party and so on. These are moments when you, as a wedding photographer can’t prepare for and you have to shoot the hell out of it.

That’s why, I offer to my wedding couples free posing lessons. They are short tipps that help them grow confidence in front of the camera. At first I find a quiet not crowded spot, put on my zoom lens, go 10m away from the couple and ask them to act like I am not there. Then I start to photograph. I approach and show them the photos and give them advice what can they do better. This way they grow confidence in themselves about how they look in photos. This way on wedding day I have professional models every time!

Engagement photoshoot in Palmengarten in Frankfurt am Main.

Today I have decided to not enter the Palmenhaus. I was tempted but, I wanted to use the beautiful outside colors so we started to wander all over the place. It was quite crowded but all the people coming were also  leaving so we could make a relax photo shoot. The Botanical Park is simply amazing It has a few lakes, a waterfall and of course the closed houses with some tropical trees and plants. Every time I go there I decided to try to make something new and different.

Which  couple wish to be next?

Verlobungsshooting in Palmengarten Frankfurt am Main

Engagement photoshoot in Palmengarten, Frankfurt am Main

Engagement photoshoot in Palmengarten, Frankfurt am Main

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