Heiraten auf Schloss Vollrads in Oestrich-Winkel im Rheingau

I had the pleasure and honor to photograph this international amazing couple in one of the most exquisite wedding location In Germany, the Schloss Vollrads im Rheingau. So today I present you the  Destination wedding at Vollrads Castle in Germany . I would like to congratulate the happy couple for organizing their wedding so well! Bringing guests in Germany from United Kingdom and from Korea is not an easy task! Also finding the best suppliers takes time. They found the best location, the best ceremony celebrant, the best wedding photographer… ups, that was me!

The wedding started slowly at their hotel with the groom getting ready. I hear a lot of couples asking how do I manage to photograph the getting ready part of the wedding for both of them when I am the only one photographer. It is very simple. While the bride is at hair and makeup artist, I photograph the groom getting ready. If we plan very well in advance I should have no problems photographing both!

Let’s get back to our wedding. After the getting ready part we headed to the Vollrads castle, where I had a bit of time photographing the bride. We had to be very careful so the groom shouldn’t see her! Soon, the time for the ceremony had come. The groom took a bit of time repeating his speech, while the guests filled the empty chairs in the garden. All the arrangements were wonderful! The location, the weather, the wedding guests were perfect! We were indeed lucky with the weather, some storm clouds were passing over our heads but luckily everything remained dry.

The ceremony was very emotional with plenty of tears of happiness. The celebrant was perfect, I would gladly recommend her to my future couples!

After the ring exchange and kisses we could move over to the sweetest part of the wedding, the cake cutting. I must say that I am sweetaholic and wedding cakes are my favorites! I really don’t know how this happened but somehow I missed tasting their cake! As a matter of fact I think their cake is the only one I haven’t taste in my entire career as wedding photographer! Never mind, at least I have some tasty photos with the cake!


Destination wedding at Vollrads Castle in Germany

Heiraten auf Schloss Vollrads in Oestrich-Winkel im Rheingau

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