After wedding shooting in Belgium

Hello, dear friends and followers. Here we meet again on my blog with the first preview from my after wedding shooting in Belgium.

Remember, in summer I had the pleasure to be the photographer at the wedding of my dear friend from high school. We have planned an after wedding photo shooting right the day after the wedding but that day was so hot and since their little daughter hasn’t slept too well on their wedding day we have decided to postpone the photo shooting.

I have paid them a visit this autumn in Belgium. Belgium was a pleasant surprise: lights all over the highways, wonderful architecture and nice people. We had luck even with the weather … although it was cloudy we were fortunate enough not to be caught by rain.

Ok …I would have loved to be warm and sunny but what can you expect from a weekend in autumn? We have made plans before where to have the photo shooting done. Our first choice was an abandoned castle (wow this was truly amazing) but unfortunately we heard that it was pretty dangerous to go there so we played safe (there are stories online about guards who had rifles and shoot the trespassers). But, on my next visit to Belgium I have to go there … with or without a couple! In the end we choose the location for our photo-shooting: the ruins from an old Abbey.

After wedding shooting in Belgium


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