Wedding in Golfhotel Lindenhof Bad Vilbel Germany


Hello dear friends so I am now back in business updating my blog weekly. At least I will try to do that. Today we are traveling just around the corner near Frankfurt for this Wedding in Golfhotel Lindenhof Bad Vilbel Germany. I met them for the first time last year when we shoot a wonderful engagement shooting in the September warm light. I knew it from then that this will be an amazing wedding and so it was. They have Italian and polish roots so I knew they know how to party.

There was something special at this wedding, it was the longest veil I have ever seen in my life! The bride and her bridesmaids prepared a surprise for the mother of the bride. When they arrived to the parents house, they exchanged the veil with the veil her mother has worn on her wedding day.

… and it was a 13 m long veil! At the first sight her mother didn’t noticed but a few more steps she burst into laughing! There was something you don’t see every day. Luckily there were enough bridesmaids to help her carry the veil. When I first saw the veil I had in mind that I have to photograph it in the church from the balcony and as soon things got settled in the church and the ceremony began I quickly ran on the stairs to grab my shot.

Ceremony in St. Antonius Church , Rodelheim

The ceremony was very nice, one thing bothered me. Right before the ring exchange the priest got so close to the couple and  almost blocked their faces. He was well intended but I would prefer a clearer view. Otherwise it  was very well, the church was amazing. There was a small photo shoot programmed in the Water Castle Bad Vilbel but, on our way to the castle, just 1 kilometer away, the road was blocked by a parade. After waiting a few minutes we decided to cancel.

But I had no photo session with them! But luckily in the evening I succeeded to take them out for a couple of photos.

Hochzeit im Golfhotel Lindenhof Bad Vilbel