The best wedding photos 2018

Die besten Hochzeitsfotos 2018

The best wedding photos 2018 from the Frankfurt wedding photographer, Ciprian Biclineru

Last year was an interesting year, lots of weddings, lots of travel, won contest, new clients and new friends. I have started to photograph pre wedding photo shoots, a very interesting niche that I am willing to expand next year.  It is so cool that no matter the weather your clients listen and do what you say, even when it’s pouring like hell and the wind is freezing cold!

I have taken part in almost all the international wedding photography contests where thousands of wedding photographers join, and I won awards. I have won 2nd place at ISPWP, 3rd place at WPSelect  in United Kindom, and two Fearless Photographers awards. By the way, do you follow me on Instagram?

The year 2019

I am looking forward for this year, can’t wait to start this wedding season at the beginning of March! Maybe I will be photographing more pre weddings in many cities across Europe. I am sure I will gather a lot of fun memories. Maybe I will find time to finally make my first workshop. I wanted to do that last year but I couldn’t find the time to plan and organize everything. Hopefully this year I will be more organized with my time and plans.

Do not forget, for the last year I will offer the free engagement photo shoot for all the couples who book me for a full day wedding. This is an amazing opportunity to have wonderful photos. And also to learn how to pose naturally in front of the camera! Are you still thinking? Hurry up, I don’t have many free weekends left.

Here there are, my best photos from the year 2018. I suggest you a new format, a slideshow for better viewing. Is it better or you prefer the gallery format?

I let you know enjoy the slideshow with the best wedding photos 2018! See you soon.