Destination Wedding in the UK


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 Hello dear friends. Today I will present you the first preview from one amazing destination wedding in the UK. They booked me two years ago and at that time they planned this weeding as a destination wedding in Istanbul. But given to the instability of the area they changed that plan and decided to have their wedding in UK, Kent area. Even though I would have loved a wedding in Istanbul, it’s safer in London. I have decided to turn this trip to UK into half vacation and half work, leaving Germany a week earlier and spending a few wonderful days with my family at Disneyland Paris. It was such fun! After a few days of fun in the parks we headed to London. I was a bit nervous because it was the first time for me driving on the “other side” of the road and the first time I was travelling with a ferry. I have never imagined that those ships are that large! But luckily everything went like magic and I did not face a single problem. The only strange thing was driving in roundabouts where I had to turn left not right! In London our dear cousins waited for us so our children played, slept and had fun together. Such a nice vacation! But Sunday came pretty fast and I had to drive to Tunbridge Wells where the wedding took place. I found the location without any problem so the wedding could start. After the bride and groom “getting ready” part we headed to the wedding location: an amazing restaurant called High Rocks! Why this name? You will see in the photos. It is an unbelievable location you would never guess is there: hidden behind a forest between huge rocks looking like a giant who played with some stones thousands of years ago! Luckily we had a few minutes for a quick photo session in Tunbridge Wells High Rocks. The next day we planned a long photo session in London but unfortunately the English weather had the last word here welcoming us with some heavy rain.

That’s it for today’s small preview, stay tuned … more to come soon!

Destination Wedding in the UK


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