After wedding photo shoot in Italy

Hello dear friends and followers. I am back in business with the marathon of photo posting on my blog with this After Wedding Photos in Italy. I try to update my blog twice a week. There is a huge work and lots of time invested behind my postings but what can I do? Instead of keeping the photos just for me, I have decided to share them with you.

After two previews I present you now the full after wedding shooting in Bologna (Italy) with one of my dearest couple ever! After we had an amazing pre wedding in Venice, now it was the second time we headed back to Italy, this time in Bologna. I had a few doubts in choosing this city but all doubts flew away when we arrived there. It was such a wonderful atmosphere, beautiful people, beautiful architecture, amazing food and my favorite espresso “ristretto”! There is no other place on earth where you can find better coffee than Italy. And I am a huge fan! Ok … enough with my obsession for coffee! Let’s get back to my other obsession: photography – wedding photography! So, we have arrived late in the evening just in time to catch the Halloween Party held on the streets. Beautiful people of all ages dressed in costumes, laughing and partying on the streets. We joined them for a quick tour of the city center and got back to the hotel for sleep because we have decided to wake up early the next day for our photo-session.

The next day, the daylight was wonderful flowing through the porticos and my couple was ready to model for my photos. We started with a walk towards the city center, taking photos on the streets, playing with the light and shadow, using the wonderful architecture as background… Before this Italy trip I have searched on google images for nice places in Bologna and I have found a wonderful photo with e bride and groom on the top of a tower with the entire city in the background – amazing spot for the photo! I asked several people where that spot could be found but no one could gave me an answer. Luckily I have found another spot: a terrace on the last floor of a hotel … where we drank a bottle of wine and took a few photos.

I let you now enjoy the photos, and do not forget: come back next week, I will always have something new for you!

Take care, Ciprian

After Wedding Photos in Italy


After Wedding Shooting in Italien-Bologna