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Hochzeitsreportage Seligenstadt 01

Hello dear friends. Here we meet on my „Weddings“ section of my webpage. Here you can find full weddings, not just previews and articles as you can find on my blog. So, if you are a bride wondering how I shoot a full day wedding reportage, here you can discover the “Wedding in Selingensdat.”

The first contact with Sandra and Dieter was on the telephone. They told me a bit about their wedding and revealed how much they like my photography. The other thing they have mentioned on the phone is that they were around 50 years old and asked me if I am ok with that… Of course I was ok! Even more than that, I respect and admire their courage to start over. We arranged to meet each other shortly after our call. I was pleasantly surprised by their warmth and calm attitude. They started telling me everything about the wedding … not missing a single detail. Absolutely wonderful!

And then it came: the big wedding day. It was the first hot weekend of last summer (one of the warmest summer in history). So even at 8am when I arrived at their home I could feel the heat that was about to come. While Sandra was at hair dresser and makeup artist, I shoot the “groom getting ready” session. Dieter was so cool with his amazing suit and his red sox! Soon Sandra came and with her sister helping her she got dressed in an amazing lace wedding dress. Her father was ready to drive her to the Selingenstadt Civil registry office with an amazing old timer. There everybody became emotional and shared some tears. Sandra’s son sang a few wonderful songs (a very talented guy who later played with his band at the wedding party). The celebrant held a wonderful speech, they exchanged rings, shared some more happy tears and there they were: happily married! After opening the buffet right outside, we began our photo session right there in the Selingenstadt old city center using also the amazing old timer. We were heading to the wedding party location but stopped for another set of quick photos. The party begun in time and man! … I don’t remember laughing so much at a wedding. They held games, played songs, the groomsman sang a few songs (he looked pretty alike Klaus Meine from Scorpions). It was a wedding to remember and YES, they will remember it very well thanks to my wedding album!

I will let you now enjoy the photos.

Your wedding photographer, Ciprian Biclineru

Hochzeitsreportage Seligenstadt

Hochzeitsreportage Seligensdat 02

Hochzeitsreportage Seligensdat 03

Hochzeitsreportage Seligensdat 04

Hochzeitsreportage Seligensdat 05

Hochzeitsreportage Seligensdat 06

Hochzeitsreportage Selingensdat 07

Hochzeitsreportage Selingensdat 08

Hochzeitsreportage Selingensdat 09

Hochzeitsreportage Selingensdat 10

Hochzeitsreportage Selingensdat 11

Hochzeitsreportage Selingensdat 12

Hochzeitsreportage Selingensdat 13

Hochzeitsreportage Selingensdat 14

Hochzeitsreportage Selingensdat 15

Hochzeitsreportage Selingensdat 16

Hochzeitsfotograf Selingensdat 17

Hochzeitsfotograf Selingensdat 18

Hochzeitsfotograf Selingensdat 19

Hochzeitsfotograf Selingensdat 20

Hochzeitsfotograf Selingensdat 21

Hochzeitsfotograf Selingensdat 22

Hochzeitsfotograf Selingensdat 23

Hochzeitsfotograf Selingensdat 24

Hochzeitsreportage Seligenstadt Standesamt

Hochzeitsfotograf Selingensdat 25

Hochzeitsfotograf Selingensdat 26

Hochzeitsfotograf Selingensdat 27

Hochzeitsreportage Seligenstadt: Tauben nach dem Standesamt

Hochzeitsfotograf Selingensdat 28

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt 29

Hochzeitsreportage Seligenstadt: Brautpaarfotos mit einem Oldtimer

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt 30

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt 31

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt 32

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt 33

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt 34

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt 35

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt 36

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt 37

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt 38

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt 39

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt 40

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt 41

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt 42

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt 43

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt 44

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt 45

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt 46

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt 47

Hochzeitsfeier Frankfurt 48

Hochzeitsfeier Frankfurt 49

Hochzeitsfeier Frankfurt 50

Hochzeitsfeier Frankfurt 51

Hochzeitsfeier Frankfurt 52

Hochzeitsfeier Frankfurt 53

Hochzeitsfeier Frankfurt 54

Hochzeitsfeier Frankfurt 55

Hochzeitsfeier Frankfurt 56

Hochzeitsfeier Frankfurt Klaus Meine Scorpions57

Hochzeitsfeier Frankfurt 58

Hochzeitsfeier Frankfurt 59

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