Wedding near Mannheim

Hello dear friends. So here we meet again in short time – because I’m in wedding mode. I present to you something that is now out of the oven – the first preview from the wedding I had the pleasure to shoot near Mannheim. I remember the first time I’ve met this lovely couple was at a wedding I shot last year in the same area, in Miltenberg. Lucky for me I shot some nice pictures there so they wanted to have me also as their wedding photographer. As a short remember you can find that wedding here. Also I had a small photo session with them in Erfurt right on Christmas time in the Dom Markt. Now that you remember them let’s go on with this quick preview.

The day started early for me, luckily the roads were pretty empty so I had no problems arriving two hours earlier. As a short break in our story I just passed near Hockenheim Circuit and I said to myself that I have to bring my kids here – they are crazy about cars! Anyway I arrived a bit early so I headed to their hotel – an amazing old Villa just in time to take some snaps with the bride getting ready! But I forget to tell you something. In our short meeting before the wedding I found out that our bride is from Bulgaria, the country which is just south from my country where I was born – Romania. Then she told me that her grandmother still speaks Romanian and also some of her relatives. I forgot about that. But early that morning, when I entered the villas courtyard there were three women having a cup of coffee on the terrace, and when I introduced myself, one of them who was her aunt replied to me in Romanian! That was such a wonderful surprise: to meet at a wedding somebody from another country speaking you mother language! She made my day! (Later I met also her grandmother who also spoke Romanian – she even lived in the southern part of Romania). Now that’s enough about my eastern European roots, I let you enjoy this first preview!

Until next time, your wedding photographer, Ciprian

Wedding in Mannheim

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