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Hello dear friends. I am ready to show you today with the whole wedding reportage. I had the pleasure to photograph this wedding in Romania last summer. I found this wedding very special, especially because I was both a guest and the official wedding photographer. When I arrived early that day at the wedding location, I had met all my dear friends from the high school there who were preparing for the big event. I was quite sad because they had had a party the night before and I couldn’t be there because I was too tired after the long journey from Germany. But I was ready for the wedding party! After a quick hotel check-in I took a quick look at the most important places where the wedding was to take place. I was ready to start the wedding photo reportage. It was pretty hot that day, but everyone was relaxed. After we had the “preparation for the wedding” shots in the box, the ceremony could begin. It was a pity that the ceremony could not take place where the bride and groom had wished: on the green lawn in the courtyard. The management explained that no chairs were allowed on the lawn because they would destroy the lawn. The guests would ruin the grass!?! … Sitting on chairs for 30 minutes would ruin the grass!?! That’s all I want to say. Otherwise the location was wonderful, but the behaviour of the management was just terrible! What can be worse than when the management decides to change the plans of the bride and groom? Therefore I advise my future bridal couples to clearly state all wishes and details in their contract in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. But, my dear bride and groom looked stunning and the ceremony turned out to be amazing. Soon after the ceremony, the party could begin. Everyone danced and had fun all night long. It was a wonderful atmosphere! I now let you enjoy the photos until the next time … do it well!

Modern wedding photos in a rustic location in Romania with a wonderful bridal couple

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Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt Ciprian Biclineru 02

Moderne Hochzeitsreportage 02

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Moderne Hochzeitsbilder 03

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt Ciprian Biclineru 04

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt Ciprian Biclineru 03

Moderne Hochzeitsreportage 01

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt Ciprian Biclineru 05

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt Ciprian Biclineru 06

Moderne Hochzeitsbilder 04

Moderne Hochzeitsreportage 05

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt Ciprian Biclineru 01

Moderne Hochzeitsreportage 04

Moderne Hochzeitsreportage 07

Moderne Hochzeitsreportage 08

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Moderne Hochzeitsreportage 09

Moderne Hochzeitsreportage 12

Moderne Hochzeitsreportage 11

Moderne Hochzeitsreportage 10

Moderne Hochzeitsbilder 08

Moderne Hochzeitsbilder 07

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt Ciprian Biclineru 08

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt Ciprian Biclineru 07



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Moderne Hochzeitsreportage 13

Moderne Hochzeitsreportage 14

Moderne Hochzeitsreportage 15

Moderne Hochzeitsreportage 17

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Moderne Hochzeitsreportage 16


Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt Ciprian Biclineru 09

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