Crazy trash the dress in the Alps

Hello dear friends. I believe you are all curious to find out what I will be posting today. It is a insane trash the dress in the Alps photo session! Yes I know I was quite absent in the last month but I promise I will be pretty soon back on track! That’s the way it is during a relocation period … Look for a new house, new school, new nursery … not to mention packing all our private stuff. But we’re done soon with all these.

Now let’s get back to our story for today. These two guys are close friends of our family. I didn’t photograph their wedding because they wanted us to have fun and participate as guests. But my surprise for them was the proposal of a crazy after wedding photo shooting. I knew that they were mad about climbing, mountains, nature. And YES … I asked them: why don’t we make Insane trash the dress in the Alps? They were immediately thrilled by my idea; we picked a day and made it happen. Other two friends also amateur climbers joined us. I am not sure if you know this thing about me but I am afraid of heights. Yes, indeed. But although I am in a very high spot and my knees are shaking I don’t give up – I lay down take a few deep breaths and continue. Luckily in this session it was necessary for me to climb very high because I have found a big rock I could easily climb and safely shoot my pics from there (because for me… to hang in those ropes and also hold the camera, I believe it would have been too much!). But this story is not about me is about them. They secured everything, got dressed and here they were climbing at ten meters for me to get the right shoot. The weather conditions weren’t perfect but in the end we’ve managed to make something out of ordinary. I will always admire climbers and their bravery to climb such high places with nothing but their hands and feet!

I let you know enjoy the photos – these are not all the photos, just a few, I will publish the others a bit later. See you soon, and until next time, take care!

Your wedding photographer,

Ciprian Biclineru

Crazy trash the dress in the Alps



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